November 22, 2011

On Our Way...

Welcome to our blog!

Jason and I have wanted to start a blog detailing our adventures as a young engaged couple living and swim/bike/running in Austin, Texas. So what better time to start one than the week before we leave to Mexico for Ironman Cozumel? (Insert sarcasm here) Our life is crazier than it has ever been, which is why I find it the most opportune time to start a blog....because people like to read about craziness...drama....adventure! Both Jason and I will be entertaining you with details of our adventures related to life, love and triathlon here in Austin and around the world!

And so we are "On 'our' way...."

To Cozumel, that is.

Jason and I have spent countless hours swimming, biking, and running to train for this race. We've dealt with sweltering heat and humidity.

We've dealt with rain, wind and the consequent bike crashes that result because of these conditions.
We've dealt with pain. 
We've felt the rush of endorphins that comes with completing those epic workouts that seem ridiculous on paper.

We've eaten our way through every grocery store in Austin.

(That's quite a few post-training protein shakes!)

                                                             We've raced to prepare.

Even George, our one year old weimaraner, is tuckered out from all of our training.

Race day continues to forecast hot, humid and windy weather. We are racing on an island after all!
These are the conditions we have trained for and have been fortunate to have 80 degree weather and humidity these past few weeks in Austin to keep us acclimated. However, it's an Ironman. There are so many "uncontrollables"on race day but....

We. are. ready.

And so it is with much excitement that Jason and I leave the States tomorrow wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving! When we return we promise to have a full and detailed race report for your reading pleasure. Onward!

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  1. Awesome blog guys! Glad to hear everything is going well down in ATX! :)